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When upgrading to another Android device, you can transfer the app's data by doing a proper backup and restore. This means you can transfer saved settings and unlocked layouts from the "Free Layout of the Day" rewards. Please note that it is not possible to transfer app data from iOS to Android devices.

  1. Perform a proper back-up from your old device using Google Backup and App Sync. Please follow these guides to setup syncing App Data to your Google account: or
  2. After enabling App Data to be synced, please ensure you've performed a backup of your app data by tapping "Sync Now" under the Google Sync Settings.  This will copy and save the Pic Stitch app data to your Google account.
  3. On your new device, simply install the Pic Stitch app while logged into Google Play using the same Google account. Open the Pic Stitch app and you should see the app data and settings from the old device restored on your new device, including unlocked layouts and purchases.  In some cases, it make take a short while before the restored data appears - if it doesn't show up right away, please check again later later.