If you are experiencing a problem with one of our apps or have a suggestion, please email us at apps@bigblueclip.com. Thank you and enjoy!

There is a known issue for some devices where users are unable to add photos to their layout.  Specifically, what happens is that after you select an image and edit it in the Image Editor and close the Editor, nothing gets added to the frame.  We have narrowed the problem down to the Image Editor and are working on a fix.

There is a workaround until the Editor is fixed:

  1. In the Pic Stitch app's main layouts screen, tap on the gear icon at the top left to open up the Preferences page.
  2. Uncheck the "Launch Image Editor" option.
  3. Now go back and continue creating your collage.
  4. You should be able to directly add images to the layouts, bypassing the Image Editor.  


A fix should be available soon for the Editor.  Thanks for your patience.


Notification are use in the Pic Stitch app to remind you of the "Free Layout of the Day" offers, as well as to inform you of important updates.  We do not spam or abuse the use of notifications, we provide these notifications as suggested by our large community of users who find it useful.

To enable or disable notifications from the Pic Stitch app:

  1. From Pic Stitch app at the main page where you select a layout, click on the gear icon at the top left to open up the Preferences page.
  2. Locate the option for Notifications and tap to enable/disable the option.


To enable or disable notifications from the Settings app:

  1. From the Settings app, go to Application Manager and open the Pic Stitch app entry.
  2. Locate the option for Notifications under the title and tap to enable/disable the option.
  1. After creating and editing your collage, you can save it to your photo album by tapping the Export button in the bottom toolbar on the right.  
  2. Choose Photo Album, and this will generate an image and save it to a folder named "PicStitch".  
  3. From your Photos or Gallery app, make sure you show Device Folders to be able to see the "PicStitch" folder.

As a shortcut, you can also long-press on the Export button at any time to save directly to the PicStitch album.


When upgrading to another Android device, you can transfer the app's data by doing a proper backup and restore. This means you can transfer saved settings and unlocked layouts from the "Free Layout of the Day" rewards. Please note that it is not possible to transfer app data from iOS to Android devices.

  1. Perform a proper back-up from your old device using Google Backup and App Sync. Please follow these guides to setup syncing App Data to your Google account: https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2840875?hl=en&ref_topic=3416294 or http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/skp/faq/1059963.
  2. After enabling App Data to be synced, please ensure you've performed a backup of your app data by tapping "Sync Now" under the Google Sync Settings.  This will copy and save the Pic Stitch app data to your Google account.
  3. On your new device, simply install the Pic Stitch app while logged into Google Play using the same Google account. Open the Pic Stitch app and you should see the app data and settings from the old device restored on your new device, including unlocked layouts and purchases.  In some cases, it make take a short while before the restored data appears - if it doesn't show up right away, please check again later later.
  1. After you add a photo to a frame the Photo Editor opens; you can also double tap a photo to launch the Photo Editor.
  2. The buttons at the bottom of the photo editor are scrollable from right to left. Scroll them until you find the Text button or the Meme button.
  3. Use the Text tool to place text anywhere on the image.
  4. Use the Meme tool to create a Meme on the photo, where half of the text message on the top of the image and the other half on the bottom.

Switching or Upgrading Devices

Please note that purchases made in the iOS app store can not be transferred or restored on Android devices, and vice versa. The iOS App Store and Google Play Store are on different platforms and do not work together, so your upgrades will not migrate over if you switch from iPhone or iPad to Android.  When switching devices on the same platform, i.e. iPhone->iPhone or Android->Android, purchases should transfer over and restore without any problems. 

Borders Pack or Frames Pack

These packs should restore automatically when you start the Pic Stitch app if you are connected to the internet.  You must use the same Google Play login that you used to make your original purchase.

Filter, Sticker or other upgrades

If one of the above is missing you need to access it through the photo editor. So first start a new collage. Next add a photo to the collage. This will open the photo editor (expect on Tablet you must double tap the photo to open the editor). Next select the "Effects" button at the bottom. Scroll the bottom buttons from left to right to reveal the "Shop" or "Supplies" button. Select that and now look in the top left corner for a "Restore" button. Tap that button and you will be prompted to login and initiate the restore process. You must use the same Google Play login that you used to make your original purchase.


There are tons of tutorial/review videos of Pic Stitch on YouTube, just search Pic Stitch.

Here is a short tutorial to help you get started: