Tired of the same ol' boring flashlight?

Get this amazing Animated Flashlight.

Animated Flashlight is truly a stunning flashlight. Stunning and useful!

Most users are shocked by how often they use the flashlight app on their iPhone or iPod. In some cases it can be the most useful app you will ever purchase. If you are going to buy a flashlight you might as well buy the most visually appealing one right? This app is so beautiful that you might just turn it on while charging your device just for ambiance.

Animated Flashlight comes fully loaded with six stylish, animated lights!

You can switch between lights by swiping left or right and dim or brighten your light by swiping up or down.

There are lots of flashlights out there that offer pictures of lights but there is ONLY ONE that offers animated lights. Get Animated Flashlight now!

And now you can even add your iPod music to Animated Flashlight.

The music is saved and reloaded every time you launch the app.