Turn your iPhone into a mirror!

How it works

  • Devices with front facing camera's give you a real time image of what ever you are pointing your device at. Tap the screen to capture the image and zoom in and out.
  • On devices with rear facing camera only you simply tap the screen, point your device's camera at your face and listen for the beeps. It will take a picture of you and display it on the screen.

Right now you might be asking yourself...

  • Why do I need this app for that?
  • This app uses the camera to capture your image WITHOUT SAVING it to your photo album.
  • If you were to simply use the camera app on your phone you would have to go in and remove the funny looking image of your teeth, nostrils, lips or eyebrows.
  • In addition to that you also get zoom controls that allow you to zoom in and out of the image capture to get a closer look at that green thing stuck in your teeth.


  • 3.3x Zoom
  • 5 different frames to choose from
  • Remembers your frame selection

Don't Be Fooled!

  • Don't be fooled by other "Mirror" apps that mislead you into thinking that a black screen can some how magically give you a clear reflection. It simply is not possible. If you want to turn you iPhone into a mirror, this is the closest thing you can get.