If you have more than one iPhone, iPad or iPod in your house, you need this app!

Photo Share lets you seamlessly share photos from your iPhone to any other iPhone, iPad or iPod within Blue Tooth range.

The unique thing about Photo Share is that it feels as though you are viewing the photos right from your very own photo library. Of course if you want to save the photos to your own library you can.

This is the perfect way for mom and dad to sync photos of the kids between their phones. No more emailing a couple photos at a time. You can share hundreds of photos at once.

Quick Start Guide

  • Here is a quick example of how you would share your photos from an iPhone to an iPad using Photo Share.
    • Start Photo Share on both the iPhone and the iPad.
    • On the iPhone, select "Share My Photos".
    • On the iPad select "View Friends Photos".
    • The devices will use Bluetooth to find one another.
    • Use the menus to connect them.
    • Once you have them connected on the iPhone select one of your photo albums from the list.
    • From the thumbnails select the photos you wish to share.
    • When finished select "Begin Sharing".
    • Leave the app running on both devices while you are sharing.


  • Why don't I see the photos that I took using my iPhone camera?
    • Answer: You need to allow the app access to these photos. If you denied access the first time you ran the app you can grant access by going into your device settings. Select General > Location Services and then turn "Photo Share" to "On".
  • Why can't I share?
    • Answer: On one device you must select "Share My Photos" and on the other you must select "View Friends Photos".
  • Why won't the devices find each other with Bluetooth?
    • Answer: I don't know :( If you are willing to help us diagnose the problem please email us at photoshare@bigblueclip.com. If you just want to get it fixed ASAP typically you can toggle the device Bluetooth off and then back to fix the problem. A quick way to do this is put your iPhone in "Airplane Mode" from the settings and then turn Airplane Mode back off. Otherwise you can select General > Bluetooth from the Settings and toggle it off and then back on.

ATTENTION IPAD USERS: Currently the iPad can only receive photos from other iPhones or iPods. It cannot send photos TO iPhones or iPods. This feature will be available in an upcoming release.